Balch Springs Economic Development is committed to supporting new and existing businesses within the City of Balch Springs. Continue reading for a brief outline of our incentive programs, and we look forward to meeting with you to work out a program tailored to your development needs.

Local Incentives

4A Sales Tax

Balch Springs has the ability to offer sales tax incentives which may include the providing of land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure, and improvements that are for the creation or retention of primary jobs and that are found by the board of directors to be required or suitable for the development, retention, or expansion of:

  • manufacturing and industrial facilities;
  • research and development facilities,
  • military facilities, including closed or realigned military bases;
  • recycling facilities;
  • distribution centers, small warehouse facilities capable of serving as decentralized storage and distribution centers
  • primary job training facilities for use by institutions of higher education; and
  • regional or national corporate headquarters facilities.

4B Sales Tax

Balch Springs has the ability to use sales tax incentives authorized under Chapter 380 of the Local Government Code to develop commercial and retail projects. These Chapter 380 Agreements allow Balch Springs to attract development by refunding a portion of the sales tax the project generates back to the developer under a long-term contract. These agreements are win-win for the developer and the City. The developer receives assistance to make the project viable, and the City benefits from growth in sales tax revenue, property taxes and new jobs.

Assistance with Infrastructure Costs

The city and/or the Balch Springs EDC may participate with qualified applicants to assist with costs related to the construction, reconstruction, or extension of public infrastructure necessary for approved development projects. The infrastructure development may include streets, waterlines, sewer lines, drainage, electric lines, phone lines, gas lines, and/or fiber optic lines.

Balch Springs Facade Grant Program (Beautification)

The purpose of this program is to improve the visual appearance and economic vitality of the Balch Springs by encouraging the exterior improvement of commercial / retail / office structures. The goal is to strengthen this area, improve safety, and make it more aesthetically appealing to community residents and visitors to the area. The improvements by existing businesses may act as a catalyst for widespread revitalization throughout the community. The grant offers up to a maximum of $5,000 in assistance.

Fast and Easy Permitting

The City of Balch Springs understands the importance of taking a project from concept to reality in a timely manner. The Balch Springs Economic Development Corporation will assist you to ensure that there are no roadblocks to delay your project. We will make sure that your project gets the most expedited permitting available anywhere. Find a more detailed look at our permitting process.

Tax Abatement and Rebate

Whether you are investing $1 million or $100 million, the Balch Springs Tax Rebate program will allow your taxes on new capital investment to be deferred for up to 10 years based on the projected economic value. Complete our application for the tax abatement and rebate opportunities.

Super Freeport Tax Exemption

Super Freeport Tax Exemption on "in transit" Goods. Balch Springs has Super Freeport tax exemption, which is the exemption of freeport property from taxation by taxing jurisdictions - The City of Balch Springs, Dallas County and the Mesquite or Dallas Independent School District. The exemption covers goods that are detained in warehouses within Balch Springs while awaiting shipment to other location within or outside of Texas (as contrasted with the current-law Freeport exemption, which covers only goods shipped outside of Texas).

The material that is transported outside of this state not later than 175 days after the date the person who owns it on January 1 acquired it, or imported it into this state, and assembled, manufactured, repaired, maintained, processed, or fabricated and shipped the materials out of the state during the required time is freeport goods. A worksheet and application for this exemption must be filed with the appraisal district by April 30 each year.

Workforce Development

Balch Springs offers all training programs available to companies through the Texas Workforce Commission and Skills Development Fund.


Tax Abatement and Rebate Application
Triple Freeport Tax Exemption Worksheet and Application
Balch Springs Facade Grant Program Description and Application

State Incentives

The Texas Enterprise Fund

The Texas Enterprise Fund can be used for a variety of economic development projects, including infrastructure development, community development, job training programs and business incentives, to promote job creation and capital investment in economically distressed areas of the state. Designated projects are eligible to apply for state sales and use tax refunds on purchases of all taxable items purchased for use at the qualified business site related to the project or activity. The level and amount of refund is related to the capital investment and jobs created at the qualified business site.

The Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure and Real Estate Programs

The Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure and Real Estate Programs programs provide a way for an eligible applicant to receive funds to make infrastructure and/or real estate improvements to support a specific business that is expanding or beginning operations in the applicants jurisdiction. The business must create or retain jobs for Texans.

The Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund is offered through the Texas Workforce Commission and assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job training projects at public community colleges or technical colleges.

The Emerging Technology Fund

The Emerging Technology Fund was created by the state to attract investment in cutting-edge research and technology. Projects are eligible for funding if they will result in the creation of high quality new jobs and have the potential to result in a medical or scientific breakthrough.